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The History so far...


Quest for Glory combines the character development and combat that are typical of fantasy roleplaying games with the basic adventure game concept of exploring puzzle.

The essence of role-playing is that, you must try to think as your character would do, when faced with a dilemma...

In QFG, you can choose from three basic character types:



The Fighter The Magician The Thief



Each one has same goal to save the World from evil, injustice and darkness...

Each character will, however, set about accomplishing these goals in a different way.

The Fighter, will easly defeat any monster as far as his strenght will be enough,
but generally, it's quite poor in intelligence and medium in agility.

The Magician may use the spells to overcome some obstacles, but might not survive a pitched battle with a monster.

The Thief must find a crafty way around a problem that the fighter or magic user can approach directly.

Plus, there's a "hidden" character, the Paladin, who has particular powers,
like cure his wounds, bless his sword and "feel" when danger's approaching.

But the way of the Paladin it's long and perilous,
and only the pure of heart will continue on it's quest...


Experience can be a tremendous asset to you as a hero!!!

Because a Hero's life is always serious!!


Sierra On-Line inc. created this Fantastic and Mystic game...

But let's start the story so far...


You began your quest as a graduate of the Famous Adventurer's Correspondance School for Heroes.

A poster in your local Adventurer's Guild read:


It sounded good, especially the "no experience necessary" part.

That was before you learned that being a HERO meant fighting vicious monsters, solving puzzles and evading traps, having to walk miles through the trackless desert, and generally working your tail off.

As you rescued the Baron's children, Elsa and Barnard, from enchantment,
you learned that the brigands were only part of the problem.

The Baron had offended Baba Yaga, a powerful Ogress, whose curse has caused disasters throughout Spielburg valley.

Only when you used her own magic against her to drive her out of Spielburg, the land was once again free from her enchantments.(Quest for Glory I).


Then you travelled with your friends  Shameen, Shema, and Abdulla Doo,
on Abdulla's magic carpet to the mysterious land of Shapeir.

There you fought agains the elemental force of nature themselves to guard one city and release another one from the evil rule of the Wizard Ad Avis .(QfG II)

But Something went wrong.....

Although you saw Ad Avis fall to his doom, streaming with flames and calling his Dark Master for help, the body was never found....

The sorcerer Aziza, informed you that Ad Avis was certainly dead but that his magic had somehow survived him.

Part of his influence allowed a powerful Demon Wizard to break through the evil between worlds, and to attack the city of Tarna....

Travelling through a magical portal, you accompained your friends to help stop the Demons from bringing more of their kind into our world and to prevent a Demon-incident war between the Liontaurus, the Simbani, and the Leopards people. (QfG III)


Even as your friend and companion were congratulating you after your final battle with the were seize with a dark magical force and wrenched away from the land of Tarna.

Stripped of your possessions, you awoke in a dark cave in an unknown land (Mordavia)....

So you helped the people of Mordavia to save the land from permanent darkness of Avoozl,

and once again you fought Ad Avis turned in a Vampire by the Dark Master called Katrina...

Finally, you managed to stop the rules of Avoozl,
and to leave the land...(


Now in the last game, you are teletransported by the Magician Erasmus, in the land of Silmaria....

And once again you Start the Game....



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Some of the artwork in this web page are courtesy of Sierra On-Line Inc. All rights reserved