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Mysteries of Quest for Glory


Welcome to all, friends!

Welcome to: MYSTERIES of Quest for Glory!

First of all, you'd be wondering: "What's MYSTERIES of Quest for Glory?"

Well, MYSTERIES of Quest for Glory, is an "Unofficial" Quest for Glory Site, including

stories, hints, secrets, midi files and many other things

on your favorite computer game saga.

Mysteries of Quest For Glory was born,

thanks to a long-time-passion (since 1989) for this game,

of two italian guys: Mr.Pizza & Christiano Da Norcia ("CDN" for friends!).

In the menu, you can find all the sections that are included in this site;

do you want midi files? Do you want stuff about QFG?

Click on the word FILES in the menu'.

Do you wanna find out any Quest for Glory Secrets?

Try it on Mysteries of QfG!

Otherwise, would you like to know more about Quest for Glory History?

Do you want to know what Qfg is?

Let's enter in HISTORY section! And so on...

Well Hero-friends, we hope you'll like this site,

'cos we'll do our best to gettin' better and better!

So, if you wanna send us comments, suggestions, or others, please E-Mail us!

We'll be glad to answer you directly (if TIME make it possible!).


---MR.PIZZA & CDN---  



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