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Mysteries of  




I'm real sorry for the lack of updates!
W've got many works and change during the last 10 years!
Our project are gone, but the passion and the love for this game, never change!.
I hope in the future to come, whit new secret, and also new story!
Meanwhile, see our old site and have fun, whit a little nostalgia of our Glorius Past!
Stay tuned! Mr.Pizza
Sorry for the lack of updates!
W've got many problems during the past two months!
Soon the site will be moved to two new addresses, and the updates will come with it.
So you'll be able to choose between two mirrors!
Stay tuned!
A new secret added!
Visit the
Secrets' menu to find out more!

General site "restyling"!
The site has changed a bit in graphics and layout,
but it's always the same, don't worry!
Explore it, and send us comments or other!

Special announcement!
Mr.Pizza has gone to military service,
so, for about ten months, Christiano Da Norcia
will substitute him in site management.
(Anyway, Mr.Pizza will oversee it).

So, send E-Mail to both
Mr.Pizza and Christiano Da Norcia.

Thank you!

--- Christiano Da Norcia ---


Also added a tribute to Mr.Pizza!
Visit the
secrets section!


A new Secret was added!
If you are a hero...see it!


We have choosed the winner of the contest !
Find it!


Join in the Mysteries of Qfg' Contest...


New Mystery found and files added...
Updates page Added!!


Quest for Glory Movie-Cartoon?!?!...
Visit the Mystery page to know it!...


Look into the Files and the Mysteries Pages...
We have put cool stuff!


Quest for Glory goes to HOLLYWOOD!!!!
Visit the SECRET section!


Another Mystery found...
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