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Mysteries & Secrets



Ok Boys!

Let's start with the first secret!

(For big pictures, click on the corresponding preview.)


Start a game with a Paladin and name the Character : Ventura Ace
If you go to the secret entrance in the monastery, you'll find the Rossella's Statue!
If you do it, you'll be changed Into a Hero version of Ace Ventura!

Ho, my God!


Let's continue with the second secret:
I found it in Quest For Glory II Trial by Fire!

You must start the game with a Fighter and name it :" Luke Skywalker "
Well! If you go out of Shapeir the first night, in the sky you'll see.....
The Death Star!
As you see it, type : " May the force be with you "
and you'll be teletransported onto you can fight with Darth Vader in person!
If you try this secret you can get 500 point! Try..try it!!!!

May the force be with you! Come to the Dark Side, Luke!

But now, let's give the word to Christiano Da Norcia!

Ok it's my turn...
Well, some days ago, Mr.Pizza told me that it would be nice to Find some pictures from new Sierra's releases.
At the moment, the attention it's all routed to Quest for Glory V - Dragon Fire.
But few knows that Sierra's working on a parallel project...

Yes, with a great hit of luck, Mr.Pizza and I, succeded finding a great scoop!
Sierra On-Line is working secretly to the remake of Trial by fire.
So, Here you are a preview of the only Quest for glory game that was impossible to view with the splendor of 256 colors (until now)...

Unfortunately we succeded to "rip" only a High Color picture (Yes, High color!),
But what a picture!!!!!!!



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Some of the artwork in this web page are courtesy of Sierra On-Line Inc. All rights reserved