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Mysteries & Secrets



We have other secret to show you!....

  Let's start....

We "found" another secret in Quest For Glory IV !
In the Introduction, hold the Alt Button and type: MAD then press Enter...
Now, hold the Alt button again, and type: FUNNY

Now you can start the game with three new characters!
They are a Hero version of :

1) Indiana Jones
2) Luke Skywalker
3) James Bond..

If you choose one of these character, the game changes completely!

Choose your Hero...


The next Mystery shows a "Hokuto" version of the hero.

Start the game as a fighter, and call yourself as "Orihs Nek".
Then go to the location of Mordavia's entrance (inside the village) during the midnight of the 100th day.
Once there, you'll find a little pond rather than the Erana's Staff.

Well, throw all your money in the pond and...after few minutes, a magic wand will appear, changing you into an "alternative Hero" (try to believe!).

Hokuto No Ken?


The second image, is not properly a Mystery, but a scoop from Sierra's worklabs!

Yes, it shows a frame of the introduction of QfG V (from the Full Version)!!!!

It seems that at Sierra's studios are doing a good job, isn't it?

The Hero!


Some of the artwork in this web page are courtesy of Sierra On-Line Inc. All rights reserved