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Mysteries & Secrets




Did you know that in Quest for Glory I Remake, it's hidden a movie secret?

Yes, you have to start as a mage (the name is ininfluent), and to train your hero's trigger spell to the maximum value (100)

Once done it, go to the cemetery, during the midnight of the 10th day (and ONLY on this day!!!) and cast trigger on the grate.

It will not open. Retry for other nine times (10 at all) and finally it will opeeeen!!!!!!

It will show......Spielburg's Cinema.....(is not possible!!!!!)

Use the undead unguent, and enter the new passage.

Once entered, the screen will stay black for few seconds, and then...a little movie will start!!!

Have fun!


"Spielburg Cemetery Cinema"My name's Hero, Hero Bond!


Did you know that in QfG I Remake, it's also hidden a secret, at the waterfalls scene?

Well, after saving the Baron's daughter from enchantment...Don't go to the Castle, but wait after 30 day!

Go near the fall during Midday....and you'll see Elsa von Spielburg swimming!!!!



Wow! How pretty!


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